What is the ideal sunglasses

The ideal sunglasses were created to the motorcycle rider in mind but are sleek enough to be worn by anyone, anytime. Lightweight, beta-titanium frames feature nearly unbreakable temples that are flexible enough to be easily taken on and off while wearing a helmet. Titanium nose pads help keep the glasses in place, providing a comfortable, secure fit that requires little-to-no adjustment while in motion. Showing design eyewear has been constructed specifically to solve the optical issues that matter the most when engaging in fast, in-your-face activities: visibility and comfort.

To maximize visibility, the ideal sunglasses feature windshields and an extended frame-top, reducing airflow and peripheral sunlight by more than eighty percent. Strategically sized holes in the windshields ensure peripheral vision is not obstructed. The lenses have both a polarized filter to block glare and a photochromic filter that automatically darkens to suit the light conditions, guaranteeing clearer vision no matter the location. The inner lenses also have a polarized filter and mirror coating that increases glare blockage. These are the ideal sunglasses for any occasion in which wind and sun are factors, whether you’re riding a bike, on a boat, driving a convertible, skiing or enjoying countless other outdoor activities.

Sharing an appreciation for timeless design, classic style and meticulous production, ZL EYEWEAR FACTORY DESIGNER have created frames that look as good on a motorcycle and in the outdoors as they do on the streets of a city.



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