How to import sunglasses from china

If you are new sunglasses wholesaler and want to import sunglasses from china ,here are some trips for you .

Product Specifications

Sunglasses and eyewear manufacturers expect their buyers to provide them with a set of product specifications.

Sunglasses are highly customizable. The same design (i.e., frame mold) can be made using different types of materials and components.

For obvious reasons, the materials and components are in turn the factors that set the unit price.

This is what you need to know before contact manufacturers:

a. Frame materials
Stainless Steel
b. Lens
Standards: ASTM, EN ISO
Materials: Plastic, Polycarbonate, Glass, Composite
UV Protected: Yes / No
Polarized: Yes / No
Anti-reflective (AR): Yes / No
Thickness: X.X mm
Index: X.X
Note: Use brand name lenses (i.e., from Carl Zeiss), rather than cheaper no name lenses. Western brand name lenses are compliant with EU and US product regulations. The extra cost paid for higher quality (and more importantly, compliant) lenses is still less than what it will cost you to test OEM lenses.

c. Material colors
Standard color
Pantone color
d. Hinges
Plastic (low quality)
Stainless steel (high quality)
e. Product Packaging
Standard Packaging
Customized Packaging
f. Logo print
Lens Print
Frame Print

Price samples
Eye wear and glasses unit prices are primary based on the following:

Lens type
Frame material
Product packaging

Two price samples follow below:

Sample A: High Quality
Frame Material: Acetate fiber
Dimensions:145 x 140 mm
Polarized Lens: Yes
UV400 Lens: Yes
Hinge material: 316L Stainless Steel
Price: US$7.50

Sample B: Low Quality
Frame Material: PC Plastic
Lens material: Polarized
UV400 Lens: No
Hinge material: Zinc Alloy
Price: US$1.50

As you can see, the price difference between an Acetate frame with UV400 lenses, and a cheaper PC plastic alternative, is enormous. You better know the product spec, before comparing prices.

Custom Design & Private Labeling
Most manufacturers in the industry offers a range of ‘standard models’. These are models for which they already own the mold.

Virtually all Eye-wear suppliers offer their buyers to have their own logo (i.e., private label) printed on the lens and the frame.

Most suppliers can also open new frame molds, based on the buyer’s design drawings.

In order to do so, you must first provide the supplier with a CAD (3D) design of the frame.

Notice that the mold is paid entirely by the buyer, and costs anywhere between $400 to $1200, depending on its complexity.

Assuming you intend to import a standard model, you do not need to invest in new tooling.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements
Every supplier sets their own MOQ requirements. In the Eye-wear industry, the MOQ requirements are often structured as following:

1000 – 2000 pcs per order
300 – 500 pcs per model (non-customized design)
200 – 500 pcs per color or pattern (non-customized design)
Notice that the MOQ requirement tends to be higher when buying custom designed frames, or ordering frames with a custom pantone color.

As you know ,Most major sunglasses manufacturers in China are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang province, the cities of Shenzhen ,Wenzhou and Linhai in particular.There are hundreds of manufacturers, trading companies and component suppliers in these city.

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We offer different series sunglasses for wholesale .more than 1000 different  models and 10000 different colors available .each model combine 7-20 different colors ,so that offer you a large range choose .the wholesale MOQ is 10,20,100 or 1000 pcs are accepted .

one of wholesale sunglasses style are fashion trend ,for example the sunglasses with diamond,rimless stone or pearl .these designer sunglasses mainly for women .you can choose them if your market are for fashion women . there are some recommend models as follow:


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another of style are the vintage, for example the wayfarer ,aviator ,cat eye ,square and round ect .these design sunglasses are for unisex, are good for women and men customers .there are some popular models as follow:

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