ZL EYEWEAR FACTORY-Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


The day after tomorrow ,we will be celebrating the traditional chinese holiday,the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also known as “Harvest Festival”,the people would have some special traditional event in that day, such as play the festival lantern,guess lantern riddles,and appreciating the moon.After supper,the families are sit together,they ate moon-cakes and watch the moon,it is full with warm and joy.

maybe you have settle oversea,or maybe you are worker and dont have enough long holiday to go home to have the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family together,but don’t forget to enjoy it!As it said that”long life,thousands of miles of the moon were”!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all our customers!




PS: we will have 2 days holiday for Mid-Autumn Festival, 23th and 24th ,will re-back to work on 25th .but if you have any question and advise about our goods/service ,pls fell free to contact us,we will reply you once we receive your email .thank you !

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